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Where to Record My Song


There are options of where you can have your song recorded.

1. You can record your song from start to finish in our professional recording studio. We have been providing professional recording services for over 30 years. We record songs in any style and genre.

2. Record vocals in the studio/location of your choice. If you unable to travel or just want to record vocals at your own location, we can provide the tracks in any format for you to use. We would guide you through the process of accessing the files so you may record anywhere.

Our Recording Studio Location

Most of our recording is done in-house at our facility in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Pediatrician Dr. Tresa Chakkalakal, M.D., F.A.A.P., Hindi speaking pediatrician in Las VegasIt’s not uncommon for us to record parts of a song with various people involved who are in different locations in the world. We recently recorded an instrumental bed consisting of 24 individual tracks that were then transferred to a ProTools recording session taking place in Russia and China, back to Los Angeles and then final mixing of the track in our recording studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is no limit to the recording possibilities and situations that we cannot accommodate.

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